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Optimizing your Profits,

our Priority


Procurement Cost Optimization Managed Services (PCOMS)

At CODY, we help you analyze your procurement expenses in detail to create quantitative solutions to reduce costs and maximize your returns in the most effective ways.

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CODY Real-Time Bidding System

Real vendors competing for real business in real time

We are turning the traditional tender concept on its head with our proprietary reverse bidding platform that allows vendors to transparently compete for business, again and again.


Prequalify Vendors

We provide our clients with comprehensive information of matching vendors to prequalify before each campaign.


Real-Time Bidding

Vendors are able to bid in real time once the campaign goes LIVE. Within a set time, vendors are able to proactively compete in the informative and transparent campaign with the ability to see each price offered by competitors.


Confidential & Secure

Each bidding campaign is only accessible with a unique log-in PIN that is generated for the client and vendor, ensuring confidentiality, security and the confidence to deal.


Campaign Report

Each campaign is concluded with a side-by-side report that shows the final prices offered by vendors. Make confident business decisions with detailed information.


Creating Value for Client & Vendors

Our system allows vendors to actively compete for new business in a genuine and transparent manner, while reducing costs for our clients. Making it an ideal system that creates value for both parties.

CODY Vendor Intelligence System

The right person for the right job

CODY Vendor Intelligence System is the golden bridge that connects suitable vendors to the items or service that is sought after by our buyers. Our automated search filtering ability matches results in a fraction of the time it takes from the traditional methods.


Our database is systematically populated with manufacturers, retailers, traders and vendors that are detailed and accurately sourced both locally and internationally to support clients from various industries.


All vendors in our database are scored and documented with latest information through CODY’s Know-Your-Customer Assessment. These details and information are made available to our clients during vendor prequalification, making it more efficient and saves valuable time f or both buyer and seller.


At the same time, our database creates new opportunities for vendors by putting them directly in front of our clients through our automated matching and funneling process. In other words, we bring sales to our vendors while reducing costs for our clients. 

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Vendor Management

Make better decisions with clear vendor information

We are your partners in providing vendor risk information that is fundamental to your procurement process. Our transparent information will assist in increasing your purchasing proficiency and reduce buyers’ risks.

Strategic Sourcing

Strategic sourcing that accurately matches requirements of our clients with the right vendor

- Reduce turnaround time

- Industry Specific Category, Non-Industrial Category, Specialized Services, R&D

- Create new relationships with new vendors

- Drive costs down and improve efficiency with the latest vendor technology

- Stay up to date with the latest market innovations

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Procurement Assistance

CODY provides you with right tools to consolidate your resources while increasing purchasing efficiency

We are an extension of our client’s procurement process by providing data analysis, vendor sourcing, vendor information, matching and reverse bidding all in one place.

Expense Analysis

Let the expenses do the talking

Our specialists will identify cost optimization opportunities and map requirements for precise cost saving changes by reviewing procurement spend data. Get an in-depth understanding of your expenses with our detailed approach in data analysis and make your next move with confidence.

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Systematically improving costs one step at a time

CODYs 1- 2- 3

All it takes is three simple steps to unlock hidden profits


FEAR - Financial Expenses Analysis Report

In the fast-paced business era we are in, organizations are caught scrambling to complete processes to meet expectations and orders.


Documents, specifications, proposals, quotations, delivery orders and invoices are often kept as its original physical form, making it a difficult to plot out price patterns and order trends without going through stacks of paper.

For the majority, information is just keyed in as a general description without a precise itemization, which creates a database of incomplete information.


That’s where we come in to assist our clients understand their raw information.


CODY provides Onsite Data Digitalizing services to categorize and simplify your data for easy understanding and comprehensive Spend Analysis & Reports to uncover hidden financial expenses. It’s the first step to finding your FEAR.

About Us

Our Story

CODY was founded by a diverse group of individuals with backgrounds in procurement, business analysis and technology with a common goal of optimizing costs to improve profits.


Our first prototype was created and implemented in the late 90s for an international banking corporation in Malaysia. In a short period of time, benefits of cost optimization were discovered to reduce costs by 20-25%, simply by combining a reliable vendor database and e-bidding platform to allow vendors to transparently compete for business. This realization of an open concept in purchasing would pave the way to the creation of CODY.


After many years of advancement and innovation, CODY was formulated to provide a reliable database of vendors that supports companies of various industries and coupled with CODY’s proprietary reverse bidding system to bridge both worlds together. CODY brings the competitive edge to both clients and vendors by combining business information transparency and technology.


Our mission to be the procurement standard that provides complete procurement solutions through innovative technology and honest business practice.

About Us

Your cost optimization partners

Our Team

Daniel Chee

Chief Marketing Officer


An experienced business developer who has been assiduous in sales and marketing for the past 14 years. Always putting relationships first, Daniel has always enjoyed the challenge to formulate win-win situations for both his clients and company. Climbing up the sales and marketing ranks, Daniel previously served as the Head of Business Development, spearheading business development initiatives for one the largest global insurance group.

Richard Chew



Richard Chew is an accomplished leader with more than 30 years of experience across multiple fields of technology, marketing, sales and operational management. He spent 20 years of his leadership career in banking where he has overseen the structuring and implementation of technology strategy. His talents in technical enforcement and business perspective gives him the all-round edge. He currently serves as the Chairman of CODY’s board.

Sharon Tan

Managing Director


Sharon Tan started her career in the assistance industry in the early 90s holding roles from marketing to operations. She founded her own assistance company in 1998 and built the company to one of the largest assistance company in Asia. Her passion in business that creates value for clients led her to CODY where she’s currently serving as the group’s Managing Director.

Andy Toh


Natural born entrepreneur and investor, Andy Toh ventured into many diverse businesses since his early 20s ranging from Insurance, Automotive, Agriculture & Assistance. As a businessman who is no stranger to success, Andy is always geared to creating value and improving businesses. He currently serves as the President of CODY’s Board and a firm believer of investing and building tomorrow’s business, today.

Shane Chee

Chief Executive Officer


Entrepreneur and business think-tank, Shane Chee is known as the zealous Chief Executive Officer of CODY. After spending his early career years in procurement, sales and operations locally and overseas, Shane entered entrepreneurship and successfully built and sold several business startups. He invests his time to learn and understand businesses before finding opportunities to create better value for them. He brings his analytical skills and systematic approach to innovate the business we know as CODY.

Our Ethical Values

Creating values with dignity and trust

CODY stands by the principle of protecting the interests of our clients and vendors in absolute neutrality and transparency. Our business is conducted with genuine, honest and honourable values, the same values which we expect from all parties involved with us.

At the same time, we truly understand the sensitivity of data presented to us, therefore we treat all information with confidentiality, non-disclosure and secured. We trust that all parties are genuine in their offers, to ensure smooth business transactions that is both productive and beneficial in creating value.



We will love to assist you on your cost saving initiatives.


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